Monday, July 20, 2009

Road Trip - with Kasey

To start off the Road Trips we are going to catch up with Kasey who is still on the road and blogging about it!!

In her own words, "My plan is to post everyday with the events of that day and some fun pictures. We will be on the road for 35 days so I think it will be fun to see how things pan out!

Here is one of their stops.
Go find out which day it was from and get a prize!

(prize not really included)

Tonight we will be staying in Kansas and tomorrow we will be making our way into Colorado. 12 states in one month can you believe it?!!! I'm really excited but at the same time really nervous. We will be camping a few nigths, staying in some hotels, and staying with some family out in California. Mountains, the ocean, the flat plains...we might just see it all along the way!"

They are already on day 15 (I think) and let me tell you I wish I was with them. Days 10&11 almost make me cry. They remind me of me of Arizona where I lived my first 20 years of life. I love dirt and family and camping.

They have seen way to many awesome places and things to possible tell you about. So I will advise you to go go go visit Kasey and read through all her recent posts. Here is day 1 to get you started. Now off you go :)


  1. I just found your blog from my friend Rachel's. Your blog is really cool, what a fun idea!!!
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  2. The first photo (Colorado's State Capital) is from day 4.

  3. I have been keeping up with Kasey's road trip and I am enjoying all the sights she has "taken" us too as well!!


  4. Adorable blogging idea!




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