Sunday, July 19, 2009

Destination - Minneapolis, Minnesota

Let's travel to Minnesota today! In the southwest suburb of Minneapolis there is a town that was rated "8th Best Small Town in America" last year. It has great schools, trails, parks...people. It's the home of Becky from Farmgirl Paints.

Our stops are Ikea, Stillwater, Excelsior and The General Store in Minnetonka. Don't you just love those carts at Ikea, they should make those mandatory for everywhere else. And that quaint little town of Stillwater. Becky's favorite part was the chicken in rice soup at Leo's...yummy:) What would be yours?

You are going to love the bright refreshing guest room Becky has for us to stay in. It's a cozy haven
... our own little retreat. I am totally loving that shelf with the welcoming HOME sign.

And see that gorgeous bench? It's actually a church pew Becky got at a garage sale for $60.00. It was plain white and chipped up, so she sanded, primed, painted and then distressed it a little. It fits this this long hallway perfectly!

Sweet dreams. Wake up tomorrow for another fabulous destination :)


  1. I've only been to Minneapolis on layovers, so this is a great destination! Now I want to have an actual VISIT even more.

  2. I have Minneapolis on my travel itinerary over the next two years. I heard it is a very clean city with lots to do.

  3. Hi Katie,
    Lovin' the blog...thanks for the feature. It turned out great:)


  4. What an awesome blog...Great idea! I`m sooo jumping on as a follower...I need to know all your destinations and your great finds!

  5. Never been to MN... but i guess i cant say that after today :)


  6. Hi, Thanks for the follow on Blogger.

  7. See I've worked in Minneapolis for almost 2 years now and FINALLY someone says a place for me to visit and I'm home in Texas. :D

    What a fabulous blog!


  8. What a great blog! And I love that church pew too!

  9. Following your blog!

    Thanks for stopping by.


  10. Hello from another Minnesota Mom. I recently found Farmgirl Paints and love her blog. Cool that you featured it! :) Looking forward to reading more on your blog.



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