Saturday, July 11, 2009

Destination - Hurricane, Utah

While we are in Utah Kimi asked us to stop by her childhood home of Hurricane. Living in Fl I know a bit about hurricanes but I must say this town is unfamiliar territory to me. Unlike it's name it's quite calm. The people here are authentic and friendly. There are lots of outdoor activities around such as hiking in Zion National Park, fishing, camping, riding 4-wheelers. If you are a horseman there is hardly a weekend that passes without a barrel race or jackpot roping.

Okay maybe it's not so unfamiliar. This swimming pool sure takes me back. I got my first 'kiss' in one of these (from a cousin even). Think we can all fit in the water? Last one in is a rotten egg!!

After an exhilarating game of Marco Polo lets stop by Fort Pierce, find a wash to shoot the 22, and hit the dinosaur tracks. And of course we must pick up a few new pets while we are out. Aren't they so cute??

I like it in this state anyone else live in/love Utah? Let me know and I'll feature you as well :)


  1. I have never been to Utah, but I am enjoying your visit. I would like to go there someday.


  2. This swimming pool is really cool.

  3. I USED to live in Utah before I moved! It's such a great place, I hope to be living there again someday.

  4. Thanks for featuring me, Katie. And by the way that is my Mom on her gorgeous horse, Annie.

  5. I know someone who has a pool like that and they are simply the best for kids to play in!

  6. i am not a native utahn, i just moved here a couple of years ago (absolutely LOVE it) and from what i understand from the locals, hurricane, utah is actually pronounced, hurrikin. huh, who knew LOL

    i am loving your blogosphere travels.

  7. Valentine is absolutely right. We can tell if your local or not just by whether you say Hurricane or Hurrikin ;)

  8. Cool, now I can pretend to be a local!



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