Friday, July 10, 2009

Destination - San Rafael Swell, Utah

Welcome back, today we are going camping with Rachel at San Rafael Swell!! Lets practice our tree climbing skills, remember those? Maybe the young ones can help remind us. Ah yes, hold on for dear life and go UP. Don't worry if you fall, we'll laugh along with you and help pull the cacti out of your butt!

How about something a little less dangerous like this lizard. But oh wait is that a scorpion over there? RUN!! Let's put those climbing skills to work and hide in those caverns at the top of that mountain. Or maybe that rock hole on the edge of the cliff.

It's dark now. Time for a fire -marshmallows - and star gazing. It's so peaceful and relaxing out here, a nice excape from reality. That is until it starts to rain causing us to take down camp in a panic with tents breaking, tarps flying, kids screaming and everyone covered in 6 inches of mud. Since we are already dirty lets stop by Rachel's backyard playground before we spend the rest of the night taking a warm clean shower, procrastinating the muddy laundry.

Remember to go comment Rachel (seriously check her out she is hilarious and witty) and sign up to get featured!!


  1. I live in Utah and I have no idea where this is! Beautiful!

  2. I love mountains and star gazing.

  3. Yes, she is FUNNY! I love her blog!

  4. Hi
    It is fine with me if you want to use the photos. I presume you'll link back to my blog.

  5. Aww, thanks Katie!!! That was so awesome of you! :)



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