Sunday, July 12, 2009

Destination - St. Louis, Missouri

What is that lovely photograph above? Well that's an organ in the City Museum of St. Louis. Isn't it amazing? It was taken by Lori who graciously invited us all to visit her city!

Let's join her as she takes more pictures of the museum. Anyone want to go up to the roof of this 11 story building and ride the Ferris Wheel? I'll stay here and listen to you scream!!

Now how about an adventure. Mission - find that park. First we will drive all around the city. See that? It's the Saint Louis statue and over there is the Grand Basin. But no park, lets try asking someone. No they don't know. How about them? Oh yeah there it is! Mission solved... Next stop a completely amazing sculpture park.

As you can see it's a park dedicated to unique and very large sculptures. A nice reminder that even salvaged oil tanks can be art. Watch out for the eye, it's watching you!!


  1. Fantastic pictures! What a neat place.

  2. No thanks on the ferris wheel, but can we go to the All Star Game in St. Louis this week? Beautiful photos.


  3. My son did a report on this lovely city in 5th grade. Would love to go -- we know a lot of trivia about it now ;)

  4. I live and blog in St. Louis and these are great photos and I had never seen the first one before at City Museum. Thanks for sharing.



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