Monday, July 6, 2009

Destination - Seattle Washington

Today we are joining Jen to travel to Seattle Washington so grab your bike and start those peddles!!

Why a bike? We've going to join in on the LiveStrong ride!! It's always enjoyable to ride for such a good cause. But it sure makes you hungry. Now let's grab some seafood for lunch at the pier.

It's raining but there are so many things to do, see and discover while we are here. Downtown here we come!!

For the teens lets stop off at a mucic store and take a tour of the University of Washington. Now for the moms... SHOPPING! Those flowers over there smell so good and I'm in love with this fruit stand. That reminds me. It's dinner time already. Lets' try Chineese. We found an incredible noodle place! And just taste these fantastic desserts!

One last stop to visit some friends and it's time for home. That was a fun little journey for sure!! If you are craving more please visit Jen's blog. She goes on fabulous vac's all the time. How about joining her in Idaho, following her lead and enjoying a second honeymoon in Hawaii, or Disneyland with the kids.

Also remember to enter the giveaway and get your extra enties by commenting on this post, commenting Jen (follow the red links above) and signing up to be our tour guide!!


  1. I'm stuck on the desserts. Seriously that looks delicious. I'll bet it is only about 800 points :)

  2. I love Jen and because of her I want to visit Seattle and Portland now!

  3. Seattle is one of my favorite cities and I definitely want a piece of that cake. I am a true believer of "vacation desserts".

  4. Seattle looks beautiful! Can I handle the rain though?

  5. I love Seattle!! I was fortunate enough to have lied in WA as a chid and went to Seattle all the time. Now I have a brother & a SIL who live excuses not to visit now!!


    PS. Love the tour guide- Jen is super!!

  6. I'm hoping to go out to Seattle soon to visit Scott's sister. Your post is definitely encouraging me to go! Thanks!

  7. I would like to visit that market.



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