Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Destination - Ruidoso, New Mexico

Keep those feet glued to the ground today we are going with Juls to visit Ruidoso!!

Ruidoso is home of millions of little green men, and can't be visited without stopping by the U.F.O. museum. Yep, even the lamp posts are "ALIENS" in Roswell!!

There are lots more interesting things here. Such as crash sites and holding tubes. Well that was fun. Anyone get abducted yet? No... very good lets continue.

This Winter Park is as white and cold and beautiful as a winter park can be. Let's enjoy it by going TUBING!! An activity that I've always wanted to experience :)

Watch out for the fast ones, they are going about a gazillion miles an hour!

Well I think I'll hang out here a bit longer. Come back tomorrow for a little R&R in style. And please sign up up be our tour guide (remember it counts as 3 entries for the giveaway), we are running out of destinations and need your help if this site is going to be a success.


  1. Seriously how cool! It reminds me of the show "Roswell" that used to be on TV. Man I loved that show. Yea, I'm nerdy like that. Off to check out Juls blog.

  2. I want to go tubing! It looks like a lot of fun. =)

  3. Loved the Roswell show and the UFO things seem really interesting to me.

  4. Thanks for featuring our trip. It was fun to relive it!

  5. My grandparents used to go hear every year on vacation here. Very cool to see it with snow!!


  6. That looks so cool! I always thought Roswell sounded so mysterious, would definitely like to check that out in NM sometime.

  7. Love the blog! I would love for you to feature our vaca! Sign me up girl!!!

  8. I think I saw the U.F.O Museum on Kendra's show (ya know the chick from the Girls Next Door!). It was pretty cool!!



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