Friday, July 3, 2009

Destination - Pinedale, Wyoming

Congratulations we've arrived at our first destination. Welcome to Pindale, Wyoming the home of Kimi, her favorite place in the world. Look out the windows and enjoy the view. Be sure to bundle up and watch for Moose and Elk as you head outside.

But don't worry we are very safe. People here are trustworthy, you don't have to lock your car to go shopping. And shopping... well... there is no McDonald's, no Blockbuster, no Walmart. All the shopping is very Mom and Pop. Cashiers and Postal Clerks know you and treat you like a friend. Sounds like the perfect place to get a souvenir!

Pinedale is a small town at the base of three mountain ranges. They have skiing, hiking, tons of lakes, and oodles of wildlife. It's basically gorgeous here. Snow and mountain, I could stay here forever, have room for two more Kimi? No, well fine then! How about a sunny picnic before we go.

Go, yes we must. Be sure to visit the red links above and say hello to Kimi and her little town. It's been a great adventure. Come back tomorrow for another one.


  1. That pic of the mountains is gorgeous! Your header is beyond cute!

  2. Thanks, Katie :) So excited to be featured here!

  3. I've been to PInedale...a couple summers ago. It is beautiful!



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