Saturday, July 4, 2009

Destination - Eagar, Arizona

Happy 4th of July fellow Blog Travelers!! Welcome to Eagar Arizona, home of the late GG and my childhood Independence Days.

Eagar is a small Americana town, full of pine trees and deer. This morning we are going to the annual 4th of July parade. Kids get your bags ready, candy will be thrown out shortly. Parents be sure to cover those little ears - here come the firetrucks!!

I'm a sucker for a good fireworks show. Eager has the best ever. The sound is intense and exciting as it echoes off the mountains. Shot off from the middle of a lake the reflections are amazing, like seeing twice as many colorful dancing fireflies.

Moving on to other insects you may have noticed the thousands of dragonflies and grasshoppers. In GG's yard along you couldn't take one step without seeing a handful of the silly things fly away. Next stop the neighbors farm. They have some really cute Emu (maybe they eat the bugs?).

Lastly no trip to Eagar can't be complete without taking a ride to another town that holds a special place in my heart - Greer. My dad, grandpa and I would drive out there to look around and enjoy the view. The houses are HUGE and beautiful while the cabins are picture perfect. There is a river running all through the town - so relaxing, like a secret garden type of getaway.

The worst part about getaways is that they must soon come to an end. Thanks for coming along and celebrating the 4th with me. Come back tomorrow for a very nice bribe GIVEAWAY!!!

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