Thursday, July 23, 2009

Destination - The Netherlands

Today we are featuring Kim from The Misadventures of Mub. She married a Dutchman and moved to the Netherlands a few years ago. (Even thought it's no where near the same thing, I feel like I can connect with her since I married a Cuban and moved to Florida)

About her new home she says, "One of the things that I absolutely love about living here is that most things are pretty accessible by bike (which is good since I don't have a Dutch drivers license). I do all of my groceries and errands on my bicycle. You'd be amazed at the amount of crap you can carry home on a bike!

I also love the markets here. We have a huge fabric market in the city center every Tuesday and there's a food market somewhere pretty much everyday of the week in different places throughout the city. The biggest market where you can get anything your heart desires is on Saturday."

The first picture up there to the right is the Genneper Watermill (De Genneper Watermolen). The earliest writings referring to the mill date to 1249. Originally it had two wheels, one for grain and the other for oil. The mill is also featured in three paintings by Vincent van Gogh. Currently the mill houses a feed shop on one side and a great place to buy flour on the other side.

And those pretty flowers up on the left are from one of the "must sees" if you visit The Netherlands in the spring - the Keukenhof. Around 7 million bulbs are planted annually. That's a lot of flowers, I bet it smell absolutely divine.

If you need a bit more excitement you could go to The Efteling. There is a bit of something for everyone in this theme park. From the horrifying terror of upside down loops to this awesome bank (read Kim's post to get the scope)!! Or perhaps this luchtalarm will wake you up.

Lastly a little exploring in the nice weather to lift your spirits.


  1. You were right before me on SITS. Want to wish you a beautiful day!

  2. I love Keukenhof and the Efteling! so exciting to see a post about them! That giant bench must be new since last I was there. Seriously, if you're coming to Europe with kids and need a theme park, skip Disney and go to the Efteling. It's fantastic. (Legoland is good too but of course not in the Netherlands).

  3. Thank you so much for featuring me! I'm having so much fun reading about all these new places =)

  4. I think I promised to write a post for you.

    Please remind me at zenncupcake at gmail dot com

    Thanks for stopping by.


  5. So pretty. I can't imagine being able to bike everywhere. Could be a bit tricky with all my kids though, lol

  6. I visited the Netherlands when I was 11 years old and still remember the spring tulips they were amazing. I also remember the miniature theme park which was done with Lego. The river canal boat ride.

    I hope to get see it now again as an adult.

    Thanks for sharing this trip//

    Saying hi from a new member of TTB…

    Lilliy… Travel blogger…

  7. Great looks like an amazing place to live!

  8. One of my favorite things about reading blogs is meeting new people and learning about life in different parts of the world. What a great idea to feature that here!

  9. I've always been intrigued by the Netherlands. I recently came across a project I did about the Netherlands for my geography class when I was in CEGEP (too many years ago!!) Hopefully I'll make it there one day :-)

    It's fun traveling the blogosphere with you and your travel guides :-) Thanks for coming up with the idea :-)


  10. The Netherlands sound beautiful!! Thanks for featuring it on TTB!!


  11. I'll be coming here too in a few weeks. I have friends in Gronegin and they told me to figure out what I might like to do.

  12. I'm going to have to start blogging about where I live so I can be featured!!!

    Hey lady! Got something for ya on my blog! Come and have a look. xxxxxx

  13. The Netherlands are definitely on my "must see" list. Thanks for the the peek into your life.



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