Monday, July 27, 2009

Destination - Great Britain

Melissa from Smitten by Britain became fascinated with Britain when she was young. She later moved there, married a British man and had a son with him. Even though they are divorced now, Melissa have continued to expose her son to the British culture so he will always appreciate his heritage.

Great Britain it is such an interesting place with a long and colorful history. There are hundreds of beautiful and historical landmarks to see and an interesting culture to experience.

When asked why she loves it so Melissa tells us, "I love the beauty of its landscape and the its many historical landmarks. I love Britons and the way they look at life as well as their sense of humor. I admire the sense of community which comes from their belief of - all for one, and one for all"

How neat is it that recently, family research confirmed what she had always suspected - strong family ties to Britain!! Of course these only serve to increase her admiration for this green and pleasant land. Click on the lovely photos to the left to read some of Melissa's favorite posts and learn more about this amazing place :)

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  1. What a FABULOUS choice for today's featured destination!! Being a Britain-ite myself it's nice to hear that somebody loves my country so much!

    Melissa - have you ever visited Bristol on your travels?

    I must write some posts about Bristol for the TTB site.

    B xxxxxxx

  2. Wow, what a nice surprise to wake up to and a really nice write up too. Thanks Katie!

    La Belle Mere UK - No, I have not been to Bristol unfortunately. There are so many places I have yet to see. When I lived in England money was tight, because of the exchange rate but also because I was very young and so not well paid. So travel was limited to London and Scotland (where my husband lived) and anywhere within reasonable driving distance. Now of course, I could just kick myself for not doing everything possible to see as much as possible.

    My blog is an attempt to make up for some of that and I'm hoping will lead to more opportunities which will include travel to England.

  3. I love love love the pic of the legs in the wall. I've always flown through Britain but have yet to stay long enough to see anything. It's on my list of must-do's but I'm waiting on an invite from Prince Harry... I wish that boy would write more! I'm off to check out your other posts!

  4. I use to live in Britain, i miss it so but i guess i can live through others instead.


  5. Britain is an amazing place! I was there for a week when I was 15 (a while ago LOL). The history and culture is fascinating.

  6. How awesome! Always wanted to check out Britain! Love this post. Great blog too Katie! Happy SITS day. :)



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