Saturday, August 29, 2009

Destination - Northern Ireland

This week janmary is taking us to Northern Ireland!!

She spend many holiday's as a child there and now has a holiday cottage where her and her family spend as much time as possible together.

Ireland is know for it's stunning scenery, dramatic cliff and ancient castles. You can see why; it's breathtaking. Take this coastal walk for example. Natures beauty at it's finest in my opinion. Wide golden sands you can drive on, sheltered small rocky coves perfect for paddling, dramatic rough seas crashing on rocky shores.

It's a very relaxing place with friendly people, old pubs where time has stood still, great wee craft shops, lots of parks and places to choose from. To give you an idea, here is a janmary's list of the top 10 places to visit.

And how about summer lessons? Northern Ireland is full of them. Here are some fun ones that janmary has learned.

1. Never a good idea to NOT take off a 4 year old's socks and shoes when walking on the beach, the inevitable will happen!

2. The annual medieval summer fair at Dunluce Castle was as enjoyable as ever, and the views of the coast from it's walls as stunning as ever. The Castle has a fascinating history, including the night of a great storm in the 1600's, when part of the kitchen (and servants) fell into the sea!

3. Some of the best things in life are (almost) free. A £6 ($10) kite, and a windswept beach keeps my husband and kids entertained for a significant period of time.


  1. Beautiful pics! The holiday cottage is gorgeous!

  2. GORGEOUS!!! Thanks JanMary! I've always wanted to visit Ireland. One of my best friends is full blooded Irish and is flying to Northern Ireland to meet her birth family for the first time next year! :D

  3. Thanks for the opportunity to share my wee corner of the world :)

  4. Flowers always catch my eye... The seas and the rocky shores are just so powerful. I'm glad to join this site. Thanks for all the wonderful posts!

  5. I live not all that far away from Ireland and yet, I've never been! Must go, it looks stunning in the pics! Congrats Janmary!!!

  6. Ireland and Northern Ireland are on my list of places to visit. My dad went to both last year, and he loved it. The pictures I saw of his trip are fabulous!! I can just imagine how much more impressive everything looks in person...

    Thanks Katie & janmary :-)


  7. Wow, I love Ireland. Have been once but, living in Bristol, it's only a 25 minute flight so I really should go more often! I'd love to see more of it.

    Lovely pics.

    LBM xxx

  8. I lived in Ireland for a summer, but I never got up to the North. Now I'll have to travel back to see it!



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