Friday, August 7, 2009

Destination - Korea

Telli, the author of Intelligence is a Curse (a phrase my husband often uses), is taking us to Korea!!! She has lived in Asia for a total of six years, and even though she is not Asian, Korea is one of the many places she calls home. Korea was the last of the Asian countries she have lived in, and the country in which she graduated high school. And thus, it will always hold a special place in her heart.

In her own words, "Living in a place that is still at war as opened up my eyes to the world. I look at everything in a whole new light and it really made me grateful to be an American. I really loved a lot of things about Korea. I loved roaming the streets of Seoul (a city larger than New York), eating the food, and just exploring many of the cultural attractions. I also loved meeting new people, making friends, and just being a teenager in big city."

Here are a few more posts from Telli for your reading and learning enjoyment:

Americans are Stupid and I'm Suppose to be Proud

Did I ever tell you about that time I went to North Korea?


  1. AH! Korea!! I had fun there. love the food too...Yumminess..

  2. Katie, what an absolutely brillian blog idea! I read all three Telli's posts and can't wait to delve in more not only on her site, but those represented here previously. :-)

  3. Greetings from Cooperstown!

    thanks for the whirlwind vacation this Monday morning! I always wanted to see Korea!!

    Enjoyed my visit to your blog SITSah!

  4. I've never been to Korea (or anywhere in Asia for that matter), so thanks to you and Telli for taking us on a virtual trip there :-)


  5. Wow! Korea looks amazing! Great post! Just wanted to throw it out there for anyone looking to travel to the Galapagos Islands that I have found Galapagos Inc by Wildlife Vacations ( to be a very helpful source for booking travel to the region.

  6. I know this is ridiculously late, but I was out of town. Thanks so much for featuring me here! Hope all that visited learned a little something about Korea.




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